My Homestay

Hey, I’m back! I’m pretty sure everyone knew but all of the eighth graders have been in Japan for the past two weeks. Anyway, this is my homestay experience.

So we first met up with the students we were going to stay with at the school library. Her name is Haruka. I was kind of nervous because my she was 18 years old, which is four years older than me. Thankfully, she spoke English really well because even though I’ve been at this school for basically eleven years, I still haven’t learned how to speak that well.

All pictures from me

We walked to her house and left to eat lunch and go to a shopping mall soon after. We went to the banquet by car with the rest of Haruka’s family. I was kinda tired from the whole day so I took a tiny nap in the car. Once we got there we sat down at a table, but a couple minute later all the HMS students were called outside to put on our hula outfits. To our dismay, we were informed we wouldn’t be performing our contemporary dance and all of us were upset. After the banquet, we went back to the house and slept.

The next morning Haruka’s mother made breakfast for us, which was amazing! We soon left for the train station to go to the Pokemon Center store. It was pretty crowded but I managed to find some cute things to buy. Then, we went to eat lunch, it was really great. We then went to a K-Pop store called OZ which was a shinkansen ride away. It wasn’t that crowded and I found stuff for omiyage and for myself. Finally, we went to an Anime store where I bought things for my cousin. Then after all that, we went back home and rested for a couple hours. Her whole family came with us to dinner, we ate sushi at a place that kinda looked like Genki Sushi but wasn’t.(?)

The next day we went to Keiai school and made okonomiyaki together with Chase and his homestay student. It turned out pretty well because our homestay people were pretty good cooks. We ate together and unfortunately had to say goodbye soon after. I was very thankful to Haruka and her family for being so welcoming to me. I hope we meet again!


Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog. This time the song is…

Tempo” by EXO!

Photo credit to Flickr

Who is Exo?
Exo is a nine-member group (one is currently not active in exo) formed by SM Entertainment in 2012. Some may argue they have the best vocals for an idol group. (or at least they used to, darn these new generation groups). Anywho, Exo used to be split into two units, Exo-K and Exo-M. One Korean and one Mandarin. That all came crashing down when Kris, Luhan, and Tao left one by one from Exo-M and SM Ent. That left the remaining members to form one overall Exo.
The members are: Suho(Leader, Lead Vocalist), Xiumin(Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper), Lay(Main Dancer, Vocalist)**NOT ACTIVE, Baekhyun(Main Vocalist)<3, Chen(Main Vocalist), Chanyeol(Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual), D.O.(Main Vocalist), Kai(Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Center), Sehun(Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Maknae)
Okay, that was too long. Oh well, if you want to read more about Exo, click here

 What is the song about?
The song is another love song, but the melody is extremely addictive. I guess the lyrics are normal love song lyrics. Just a guy who’s in love with a girl. I don’t know how to describe it but they have the usual love song lyrics, but with a more telling story. Not just, I love you love me too, or something like that. It’s better. It’s so hard to describe how to interpret a song. Well, let’s just look at some lyrics.

“You’re so charming, you’re lovely
There’s nothing separating us
Heartbeat becoming unstable”

“Don’t stutter, you don’t have to feel awkward
Don’t bring anything, just hold my hand my lady
Every road we walk on is a red carpet and a runway
The way you walk is so unique”

“I’m missing you even though I see you every day
Everything is perfect”

“Leaning on my shoulder
Your scent is inside my heart
Striking like a wave
I want to be like this forever”
If you would like to read the lyrics click here

Why do I like Exo?
Exo was like the 3rd or 4th K-Pop group I ever got into. That’s why they hold a special place in my heart. My first and current bias is Baekhyun. Truthfully I love all of them, they’re also so vocally talented. They have 3 main vocals. They all are talented and have other aspects needed to be a great idol. I’m proud of how far they’ve come, despite being beaten out by newer groups. I’m also really sad Xiumin is starting his military duties soon. 🙁 I will continue to show them love and support throughout everything they do.

Thank you for reading, have a great day. BYEE!


Hey person reading this, if you haven’t seen any of my previous posts, I… uh… don’t know what to tell you except you clicked on the right blog :). Anyway, TO THE SONG!

Drippin’ ” by NCT Dream!

Photo credit to Wikimedia Commons

Who is NCT Dream?
NCT Dream is a subunit of NCT. The theme of the unit is all the members are teenagers, and when they grow older they graduate and move into another unit. Currently they have six members: Renjun(Lead Vocalist), Jeno(Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual), Haechan(Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer), Jaemin(Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual), Chenle(Main Vocalist), Jisung(Main Dancer, Sub-Rapper, Maknae). So far they’re my favorite unit, but I’m really sad it’s not a permanent unit. Also, there is one member who already graduated Mark(Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group) If you want to learn more about them click here

Why do I like it?
I LOVE THIS SONG! It’s super catchy and fun to listen to and their vocals are so addictive. I really love this song but I don’t really know why. I think I just really love songs that have that sorta coolness and “electronic”y sound. This is from their most recent comeback, which was the last one with Mark. I really loved the album in general, but I think this one is my favorite.

“The end was already decided from the beginning
I don’t know if you can handle it, that’s right”

“Everything is like that, the excitement is always dangerous
Enjoy it to the fullest na na na na”

“Your heart has been washed away
My heart has been attracted
Keep playing keep going, you can’t stop”

If you want to read the lyrics(pls don’t) click here

Why do I love NCT Dream so much?
Well if you didn’t know, NCT Dream is my favorite unit. I don’t completely know why but I just love all the members. They’re all hilariously funny and dorky, and Jisung is the cutest little squish ever. I love NCT Dream WITH Mark. Mark isn’t my favorite member but NCT Dream isn’t complete without him. I love how close they all are to each other. And the main point, they are all extremely talented. Okay, this next point may not be thaat important but it is to me. I love the ships in NCT Dream. Markhyuk, Jaenoren, and Chensung. I love them all<3.

Anyway, Thank you all so much for reading whatever this was. I hope you’ll check out my other posts BYEEE!


Hey, what’s up, everyone! I’m back with another K-Pop song. Let’s get straight to it. The song is…

gogobebe” by Mamamoo

Photo credit to Wikimedia Commons

Who is Mamamoo?
Mamamoo is a 4-membered girl group under RBW Entertainment. They debuted in 2014 with the song “Mr. Ambiguous”. What I think is the best feature of Mamamoo is their vocals. Like, wow okay, their vocals are out of this world, their dancing is pretty great too but their vocals shine through all of their performances. Mamamoo’s members are: Solar (Leader, Main Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group), Moonbyul (Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual), Wheein (Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer), and Hwasa (Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae).
If you wanna learn more about Mamamoo click here

What is the song like?
The song is a very upbeat and fun song to listen to while either feeling down or like you’re on top of the world. It’s a fun choreography that highlights the main focus of the song, stop worrying and have fun. I’m sure most people reading this would love it, unless of course, you hate music in general. But other than that “gogobebe” was an instant yes from me. I love dance centered songs that have their vocals on point which Mamamoo always delivers.

What is the song about?
The song is about just having fun and having no worries. Just think of the now and not the future, live while you’re young. It’s okay if you are having problems just have fun. I interpret the song similarly, as the sound of the song is very upbeat. I like the message it contains because it’s telling you to not worry about whatever is troubling you just live.|
Read the lyrics 

Trust your body to the rhythm
Be thick-skinned and party”

“Throw out the suit and tie
Dress code: bling bling bling”

“Ignore the nagging, mute it, click click, beep
Like this, like that
People who talk too much
Always die first in the movies”

Thank you for reading! Look forward to my upcoming posts. Bye!

Boy with Luv❤🎶

Hey everyone! Welcome to my post about a K-Pop song I really enjoyed. This posts song is new and extremely popular. So without further ado, the song of this post is…..

Boy with Luv” by BTS!

 Who is BTS?
Okay if you are seriously asking this, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE PAST  2 YEARS! All jokes aside, seriously they have been all over the news, tv shows, topping charts. Okay, I need to calm down just a bit. BTS is a 7-membered South Korean boy group that is currently the biggest boy group on the planet. They’ve been all over the media lately, so if you’ve never heard of them… I dunno what else to say.
Their members consist of: RM(Leader, Main Rapper), Jin(Vocalist, Visual), Suga(Lead Rapper), J-Hope(Main Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist), Jimin<3(Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist), V(Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual), Jungkook(Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub-Rapper, Center, Maknae)
If you wanna learn more about BTS click here

Photo credit to Wikimedia Commons
(also pfft me for using the same picture as last time)

What is Boy With Luv about?
Like you could probably guess by the title, it’s about a boy in love. But it’s not “boy in luv” because that’s a different song… OK NEVERMIND I TAKE THAT JOKE BACK. My apologies. Anyway, the song is about a boy who wants to be beside a girl all the time because he loves her. She gave him his wings and now he wants to fly to her and stay by her. This is like a continuation of their old song “Boy in Luv”, back then the song was about young teen love. Now it’s them realizing what love truly is.
If you wanna read the lyrics click here

“I want to be with you for everything”

“From the moment I met you ya
My life was all you ya
You’re the star that turns ordinaries into extraordinaries”

“Your pain is my pain
When I realized that, I vowed to myself,
With the wings of Icarus, you gave me
Not toward the sun but toward you
Let me fly”

What does it sound like?
Okay, so I’m really glad it didn’t follow their recent trend of songs and went down a different upbeat, almost airy theme. This song to me is easily better than some of the LY songs *cough*Idol*cough*. Yeahhh… Well let’s just focus on Boy With Luv. There’s something about it that just reminds me of their songs prior to their popularity boom. I was a tiny bit scared when they announced the collab with Halsey it would turn into another Idol with Nikki Minaj. Lucky for me though, Halsey doesn’t have any significant parts and the part she’s in is pretty good. This is already wayyy too long so I’m just gonna end it here.

Okay Thank You for reading all of this BAII<3333

Bon Bon Chocolat❤🎶

Hi everyone! So this is my last post of the month, finally. Anyway, let’s get straight to the song, which again is in the title like always. The song is…..

Bon Bon Chocolat” by Everglow

Who is Everglow?
Everglow is a new girl group that recently debuted under YueHua Entertainment. I actually currently love a Chinese boy group under YueHua so I put my faith in them and they pulled through. So I randomly stumbled upon their m/v and I loved it. I decided to stan and dragged Sarah and Raya into it too. My bias is Yiren and Raya’s bias is Mia. There are six members named: E:U (Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist), Sihyeon (Lead Vocalist), Mia (Main Vocalist, Main Dancer), Onda (Lead Vocalist), Aisha (Lead Rapper, Vocalist), Yiren (Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Center, Maknae) If you want to learn more about Everglow click here

What’s the song about?
The song is, in my opinion, about being excited about the future and not getting down. It also has lines that I interpret as you can be who you want to be, you can make your dreams a reality. I like this message because it’s empowering to people who might be afraid to go after what they want.

“Draw yourself out the way you dreamed it
It’s time to face a new you
That you’ve never seen before”

“At the end of the endless tunnel
Be excited for the world that’s been hidden for you
Follow the even more dazzling light
And fly high baby”

If you want to read the lyrics click here

What does it sound like?
Right off the bat the instrumental hits you like a train. It has a strong vibe throughout the whole song. It seems like a lot but it’s just enough so there’s an excited feeling. Some people criticize the heavily processed vocals, but honestly, it adds to the feeling of the song. I will admit, their real vocals are a little bit masked, but the dance is the main focus of this group. Overall I think this song was amazing and I hope you’ll give it a listen.

That’ll wrap up the last post of this month, make sure to check out my other ones. Byeee!

Oh yeah, one more thing. There aren’t any pictures of Everglow that I can use yet, as they just debuted. So here’s a picture of a flower called Everglow.Image result for everglow

Photo credit to: Wikimedia Commons


Hi everyone! Welcome to my 2nd monthly post. Again if you couldn’t tell by the title the song of this post is…

Crown” by TXT (Tomorrow X Together)

Photo credit to: Wikimedia Commons

Who is TXT?
TXT is a brand new boy group under BigHit Entertainment. They have five amazing and crazy members. My bias is Huening Kai (it used to be Soobin), Raya’s bias is Beomgyu, Sarah’s bias is Yeonjun, and Jennifer’s bias is Soobin. They only recently debuted but I love them already, they’re a bunch of crazy kids who need an adult. Their members are: Soobin (Leader, Lead dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper), Yeonjun (Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist), Beomgyu (Lead Vocalist, Lead/Main Dancer, Rapper, Center, Maybe Visual), Taehyun (Main Vocalist, Maybe Visual), Huening Kai (Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae, Maybe Visual).
If you want to learn more without reading my wall of txt (hahaha I amuse myself) click here for the member profiles

***These are just fan speculated positions.BigHit has yet to officially announce anything except for Soobin being the leader.

What is the song about?
The song talks about the growing pains of being a boy. The crown symbolizes the mental, physical, and emotional changes that you endure while growing up. But in the end, they find comfort in each other knowing that although they’re different they all go through the same changes. I love the meaning of this song because it turns something that is formidable, like the growing pains that are uncontrollable, into something empowering like a crown.
The horn turns into a crown. The horn meaning the changes and growing pains, and it turning into a crown meaning the pains turn into something wonderful. It does that because the boy meets another who has grown wings just like his horn. They become close because they understand their shared pains.

“Wanna run away, wanna disappear. Far away
Who am I, I don’t know who I am”

“(Who you?)
Are you my salvation who found me deserted
(Who you?)
Are your wings the same pain like mine”

“There’s a horn rising up on my head
But I love it
You become my crown”
If you want to read the lyrics click here

What is the choreography like?
The choreography is really really really super amazing. The dance is powerful yet cute and upbeat. They show off a lot of their dancing capabilities and I absolutely adore them. They were really anticipated and they totally, in my opinion, lived up to BTS’ legacy. I love how cute and cheerful the dance is. It’s like if BTS and Astro came together.
If you want to watch the dance practice click here

Thank you for reading! Make sure to check out my other posts!


Hi guys! Welcome to my first post of this month! Let’s get straight to the song. This time the song is……
Image result for pentagon kpop
Photo credit to: Wikimedia Commons
Runaway” by Pentagon!

Who is Pentagon?
Pentagon is a formerly 10-membered boy group. Currently, there are 9 members. They were formed by the show Pentagon Maker, made by Cube Entertainment. They debuted back in 2016 with the song “Gorilla”. Their members are: Hui (Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer), Jinho (Main Vocalist), Hongseok (Lead Vocalist), Shinwon (Sub Vocalist), Yeo One (Lead Vocalist), Yanan (Sub Vocalist, Visual), Yuto (Main Rapper, Vocalist), Kino (Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper), Wooseok (Main Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae). Former member, E’Dawn (Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist)

What is the Song About?
The song is about them running towards their dreams, and how they won’t be held back by others. I feel like it’s a good message to teenagers and people in their early 20’s to follow their dreams and be able to do anything they want. If you want to read the lyrics click here. If you want to learn more about Pentagon click here.

“I never say give up
I can’t give up”

You can’t stop me’

Why do I like it?
I only recently started loving this song because of a member who sings tremendously well. Jo Jinho is who I’m talking about. Jinho is the oldest member and originally gave up on being an idol after he left SM Entertainment. He was applying to be a vocal teacher at Cube, but I guess they saw the potential within him. He then became a trainee under them and participated in Pentagon Maker. Back to the song, I really like one specific line Jinho has. It’s the second chorus where he sings the line “runaway.” ‘It’s really amazing because it’s kind of an aggressive sound but it just sounds so cool. I know I’m kind of ranting but I really really like it. If you want to see Jinho singing alone check out “Magazine Ho” on Cube’s Youtube channel.

Anyway, thank you for reading that mess! I hope you’ll check out my other posts.

Bye Babe❤🎶

Hi everyone! Welcome to my final blog post of this month! Okay so the song is….(if you haven’t read the title)

Bye Babe” by Chen ft. 10cm

Image result for exoPhoto credit to: Wikipedia

Who is Chen?
Chen is a South Korean idol currently in the boy group EXO. He was formerly a part of EXO’s subunit, EXO-M and is currently a part of EXO-CBX. Chen’s real name is Kim Jongdae, and was born on September 21, 1992. EXO debuted with their song MAMA in 2012. Chen is one of the Main Vocalists in EXO
. If you only want to read about Chen and his song, I suggest skipping this part. EXO consists of: Suho(Leader, Lead Vocalist), Xiumin(Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Eldest), *Lay(Main Dancer, Vocalist), Baekhyun<3(Main Vocalist), Chen(Main Vocalist), Chanyeol(Main Rapper, Vocalist, Visual), D.O.(Main Vocalist), Kai(Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual, Center), Sehun(Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Maknae). If you want to get to know EXO better click here.

What is “Bye Babe” About?
The song is about a guy who loves the girl he’s in a relationship with a lot, but recently she seems bored of him. He’s telling her to end it because if he does it, even if he still loves her a lot, he’ll end up looking like the bad guy. He wants to end it before he gets hurt more then he is at the moment, but the guy keeps falling more for her. If you want to read the lyrics click here


Why do you get prettier
Every time I see you?
My heart is expanding
Like a balloon
When I look at you
I get more and more nervous
Tell me, before I explode
Bye bye bye babe, even if you say this
No one will think you’re a bad person
What’s the problem?
Bye bye bye babe, if I say that
And coldly turn around
I would look like the bad guy
Bye bye bye babe
Bye bye bye babe


What is the Song Like?
“Bye Babe” is a funky, vibrant, indie sounding song. The chorus is very ear-catching and unique, and I absolutely LOVE it. It’s awesome to see Chen’s vocals in the spotlight and 10cm’s voice is extremely unique and fun. The harmonies of their vocals made it even better to listen to. The song makes you have a warm feeling inside, and the song itself is very soothing to listen to. I highly recommend this song because it’s one of my favorite SM Station songs. Oh yeah wait, SM Station is this thing where SM idols can collaborate with other idols to make an awesome performance.

Okay well, that’s the last post for this month! I hope you enjoyed, see you next month!

I’m Fine❤🎶

Hi guys! So this is the 2nd post for my monthly posts. Hopefully, you can read this font. Anyway, let’s get to the song!

I’m Fine” by BTS

Image result for bts

Photo Credit to: Wikimedia Commons 

Who is BTS?
If you haven’t heard of BTS, you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years. BTS is a 7-membered South Korean boy group formed by BigHit Entertainment. They debuted in 2013 with the song “No More Dream”.  The names of the members are: RM(leader, Main Rapper), Jin(Oldest, Vocalist, Visual), Suga(Lead Rapper), J-Hope(Main Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist), Jimin(Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist), V(Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual), and Jungkook(Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub-Rapper, Center, Maknae). If you want to learn more about BTS click here

What is “I’m Fine” About?
My thoughts on I’m Fine is that they are saying they’re fine even if they might not be.  They are trying to make someone believe that they are fine and they don’t need to worry about them, They are in pain but are covering it up. I think that because while some of the lyrics are saying “I’m Fine”, other lyrics are like a silent call for help. If you want to take a look at the lyrics click here.

“It’s alright, even if it’s not us
Even if sadness erases me
Even if there are clouds
Even if I’m in an endless dream
Even if I’m endlessly crumpled
Even if my wings are torn
Even if someday, I’m not me anymore
It’s alright, only I am my own salvation”

What Kind of Song is It?
The song starts out with a similar intro to one of their other songs “Save Me”(this isn’t coincidental). The song is a little slow but definitely speeds up at times. The pitch is a little on the higher side, but that’s how most of their songs are. The chorus is really catchy and enjoyable to listen to.

“I’m feeling just fine, fine, fine
I’ll let go of your hand now
I know I’m all mine, mine, mine
Cause I’m just fine
I’m feeling just fine, fine, fine
I don’t wanna be sad anymore
I could see the sunshine, shine, shine
Cause I’m just fine, just fine.”

Anyway, this is the end of this blog. I’ll see you guys in the last one!

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